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Anti-Liberalism 2000: The Rise of New Millennium - download pdf or read online

By David Henderson, G. C. Harcourt, Geoffrey Owen

ISBN-10: 0255364970

ISBN-13: 9780255364973

Within the final twenty-five years, many nations have launched into programmes of monetary liberalisation. yet, David Henderson argues, it's a mistake to think that financial liberalism has triumphed: anti-liberal forces are robust and in a few respects have won flooring. Henderson analyses those forces, new and outdated. as well as the ongoing carry of 'pre-economic ideas', new components comprise anti-market NGOs, a much broader circle of perceived 'victims of injustice', the unfold of labour industry legislation, and an 'alarmist consencus' approximately globalisation and environmental degradation. the combo of outdated and new rules ends up in 'new millennium collectivism', which gives the most impetus in the back of the anti-liberalism of this day. Geoffrey Harcourt, in a observation, is of the same opinion with a few of Henderson's perspectives, yet disagrees relatively at the desire for minimal criteria in labour markets. He contends additionally that Henderson is simply too tough on NGOs and too inspired with the long term aggressive equilibrium version. David Henderson responds to the reviews and units out additional matters that must be explored.

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Much of David’s analysis does, I think, rest on the assumption that it is a good starting point and he does not seem to me to take enough account of the rival model associated with cumulative causation 3 See, for example, the policy chapters in Capitalism, Socialism and Post-Keynesianism. Selected Essays of G. C. Harcourt, London, Edward Elgar, 1995. 45 anti-liberalism 2000 processes. These have their origin in the classical political economists and in some of Marshall’s writings; they were spelt out by Allyn Young and Myrdal and developed by Kaldor, Kalecki, Richard Goodwin and others.

In my view, it is often necessary to take account of the views and perceptions of those outside the so-called ‘iron triangle’, views and perceptions which may well be shared by politicians and officials within it. Interest groups are successful not just through skilful lobbying and persuasion directed towards those in power, but also by winning assent or support from a wider public opinion, made up of those who are outside the process of decision-making and whose jobs and incomes are not at stake in what is decided.

Here she sounds a note of alarm. 3 It seems not to have occurred to her, nor to those who think like her, that the adults who voluntarily seek employment with foreignconnected firms, on terms that they are aware of, do so in the hope and expectation of becoming less impoverished. Likewise, it seems not to have occurred to her and those like her that, at the wage levels they are prepared to approve for others, job opportunities may be closed off. Just as unemployed east Germans may be denied the freedom to work except on the terms that prevail in the west, and unemployed South Africans to take jobs that they would like to have at rates below those in industry agreements, so people in poor countries generally, for their own good of course, and in the name of human rights and minimum labour standards, must be denied the possibility of entering into deals with foreign firms which they believe would make them better off, but which would involve wages that would be condemned as ‘rock-bottom’ by European, American and Australasian television viewers, trade unionists, NGOs, commentators and public figures, and advocates of corporate social responsibility.

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Anti-Liberalism 2000: The Rise of New Millennium Collectivism by David Henderson, G. C. Harcourt, Geoffrey Owen

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